What Previous Participants Say

“The magical Black Bear Writing Retreat opened my eyes and my heart. Old words flowed in new patterns and surprising rhythms. The experience has colored my writing in unexpected ways, and I am grateful for the time I spent in Nederland. … I loved the writing exercises you gave us.  And I still look at them now and then.”  Barbara, award-winning travel essayist and entertainment journalist

“I felt good about the balance between group activity and individual free time. The verb tense exercise was an eye-opener as well as fun. I paid so much more attention to sensory details because you asked us to write about our Caribou Ranch hike. Perhaps most valuable of all, the critique sessions pointed out strengths and weaknesses for all of us in a constructive, helpful way that I found particularly validating.”  Nancy, author of Voluntary Nomads

“Such a special group of people, such a special setting and such special conversations and exercises on writing. Truly inspiring! I loved our dinnertime conversations! Honestly, while I was there, I felt like, ‘There’s no other place I’d like to be at this moment–surrounded by good people, good food and tales of travel and writing.’  The best.” Cindy, English teacher and contributing writer to Teaching Music magazine, New York Family magazine and Baristakids.com