Your Host

Your host, Shara Johnson.

So who am I? For the purposes of BBR, I am a typical writer!

The focus of my life is international travel. I write literary essays and travel articles. I also exhibit travel photography. An easy way to learn more about me is to visit my trio of websites. is my writing site. Here you can find information about my literary publishing credentials, reprints of my published essays, and my writing philosophy. is my travel blog. Here you can read about some of my adventures and get a general feel for my personality through my casual writing. You can find links to my formal travel writing (for other websites) as well. is my photography site. Here you can see some examples of my travel photography and learn about the role of photography in my life.

I’m also the owner, maid and concierge of Cozy and Quiet B&B. This is a private studio in my home that I rent to vacationers through Airbnb.