Why was BBR established?

I established BBR out of my own desire to connect with other writers. I’m an independent writer working out of my home.  As a world-wide traveler, people are always telling me, “Oh, you should write a book” about this or that experience. But the average person has no idea what it takes to accomplish such a feat, and I’ve found it difficult to talk to most people in a meaningful way about the realities of writing. I often find it exhausting and demoralizing to a degree, as well as very isolating. I established BBR with the idea of connecting with other writers who understand the writing life, its trials and tribulations, as well as its triumphs.

I’ve also found it invaluable to work with other writers and for us to read each others’ work in order to improve our own. As I have only a small group of fellow writers with whom I habitually work, I also wanted to reach out to others to learn from new people and to have us learn from each other. I designed the writing exercises as a result of years of participating in peer review groups, participating in writing programs at home and abroad, and working with my editor through many drafts of my essays before they were published.