What is BBR and what is unique about it?

A visitor on the premises … the totem animal for Black Bear Retreats.

Black Bear Writing Retreat (BBR) is a 4-day retreat for writers in any creative genre. The retreat’s three primary goals are for participants to:

(1) enjoy a beautiful and stimulating environment for relaxation, writing, reflection, whatever peace inspires;

(2) connect with other writers and share experiences;

(3) participate in creative writing exercises.

Of these, the number one goal, which makes BBR unique, is to foster a camradery with other writers. This is a peer group rather than a workshop with a professor or renowned literary figure at the helm (to whom the average writer may not relate). This is about connection on a meaningful level to other writers. BBR is about examining and/or discovering our own strengths and weaknesses as writers, sharing them with others, and learning from each others’ strengths and weaknesses.

At BBR, every participant has an equal voice. Group discussions revolve around three aspects of writing: the initial creative process; the editing and revision process; the publishing process. In each discussion, all writers will contribute their thoughts and experiences equally.

BBR is also about exploring our environment (and writing about it), and having a plain old good time with wine, beer and adventure.

Exploring our environment as a writing prompt at the old Blue Bird Mine.